Artwork Specifications

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Looking for information on Standard Beer Tap Lense Sizes?

Click here to download the Lense Size Guidelines >


Guidelines for Supplying Artwork:

Click here to download the full Sun Tap Decals Artwork Guidelines >

File Formats: 

We work natively on Apple Mac using Adobe Illustrator & Freehand MX. We accept files in the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (Most preferred)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Least preferred)
  • Corel DRAW

Check the full Artwork Guidelines for versioning and export instructions >

Mechanical Information:

  • Clearly dimension outside shape, any cutouts and windows, and state whether any selective areas need to be glossy or matt, or have rear adhesive.
  • Please label all cutouts, windows, adhesives, gloss etc. so we know what they are.
  • A 1:1 scale drawing in millimetres is preferred if supplied electronically.


  • It is critical to provide an accurate colour specification with your artwork. This can be a selection and specification of PMS colours
    (Pantone Matching System), or supplied samples of printed colour that you would like Sun Industries to match to.
  • CMYK & RGB colours contained in supplied artwork files are NOT an accurate representation of colour due to the differences in monitors, digital print, colour output devices and what you see on your screen will vary from what you receive in proof.
  • If PMS colours or hard copy samples are NOT provided, Sun Industries will print CMYK using the colours straight from your supplied file/s. If colours are critical, please request a colour sample before approving art.


  • If you are supplying artwork with fonts (text), PLEASE make sure that the text has been converted to “paths”, “outlines” or “curves” so that the text is no longer editable. This will ensure that we will have no problem with unknown fonts when we open your file.
  • If possible please include copied files of the fonts used with your artwork incase we do have any problems opening your file.

Scans and Linked Images:

  • Any scanned images or files that have linked to the original artwork file need to be included as separate files.
  • Please note the resolution of any scanned or linked images need be at least 300dpi to ensure optimum print quality.

Supplying Artwork:

  • Make sure ALL source artwork, including any mechanical drawings, fonts & images are supplied together at initial stage of job.
  • Files can be supplied by disk or emailed to as attached documents.
  • All large files supplied by email should be compressed into .zip or .sit archives.

Final Note:

To avoid any alteration costs, please ensure ALL source artwork, including any mechanical drawings, fonts, colours & images are correct and supplied together at the initial quoting stage, to allow us to accurately reproduce your job at the first proofing stage.

Click here to download the full Sun Tap Decals Artwork Guidelines >


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