How Dingo Brewing Co is Raising the Tap Decal Game

We’d been working with Spinner Brennan, Director at Dingo Brewing Co., for a while when he came to us with an idea that he wanted to play around with to make their Dingo Lager tap decals stand out more on the tap bank. This is (roughly) how it went: Spinner: “We need to up our foamboard decals […]

Green Beacon unveils new CastPrint® Tap Decals.

  Green Beacon Brewing Co. recently unveiled their new range of CastPrint® Tap Decals.   We spoke with Andrew Brooks, their Marketing & Brand Manager, to ask him his thoughts. Why did you choose CastPrint®? Being locally produced and more affordable than a metal option out of china, we had more flexibility to manage our budget […]

The GABS Hottest 100 Winners for 2021

What is the GABS Hottest 100? Since it started in 2008, the GABS (Great Australasian Beer Spectapular) Hottest 100 Craft Beer people’s choice poll has revealed the consumer trends and breweries shaping the Australian craft beer landscape. How does it work? Each year, craft beer loving consumers are asked to select, in order of preference, […]

A beer collection to be savoured

We’re passionate about beer tap decals and it’s always fun to stumble across someone else who is too. Our new friend Martin mysteriously received a sample box of our tap decals and rang us to figure out how he came to receive them, and to find out more about our goodies. After a fun chat […]

Introducing 3D “CastPrint” tap decals.

An exciting addition to your on-premise branding solutions. Bars are busy. Customers make decisions quickly and having great branding at point of purchase is critical. CastPrint 3D badges give you a unique presence on the tap run so you can sell more beer. What is it? CastPrint uses multiple layers of ink to create a 3D […]

Cast Metal Tap Decals

These are our premium long lasting decal. These can be either cast or die stamped. Die stamping gives the finest and clearest finish (Its what they use to mint coins) Die Cast is the cheaper option of the two. Contact us today and we’ll step you through the process.

Fluro Trends

Printing fluorescent colours requires special handling. But if your brand demands a bright colour, we can print it for you.

Mercury Free Doming Resin – Market Benefits and Requirements

In October 2017 the EU’s new regulation no.848/2012 came into effect. It forbids the use of five organic mercury salts commonly used as catalysts in polyurethane resin doming systems in the UK. On the 1st January 2018 a new directive (852/2017) was introduced that also includes Europe. This mercury restriction affects any Australian businesses who export products to the UK […]

At Sun we love to innovate.

At Sun we love to innovate, solve problems for our customers and bring new products to market so you can sell more beer. So, what might be coming in 2018 at Sun Tap Decals? We have lots of ideas including: Illuminated backlit decals Fish eye lenses  Bespoke 3D printed badges  New styles of cast metal […]

Come visit us at the Australian Craft Brewers Conference 2017

Described as the industry event not to be missed, the Australian Craft Brewers Conference (ACBC 2017) brings together hundreds of Australasia’s craft brewers for two full days of seminars, social events and an extensive trade expo. Now in its fifth year, the Australian Craft Brewers Conference is the craft beer industry’s premier event for professionals […]