Sun Tap Decals offers a variety of materials that can be used for your branding. We like to offer variety, quality craftsmanship and a history of proven techniques – much like creating a great beer! Here’s some of our most commonly utilised materials. Contact us for more info, a quote or to see some samples.


Flexidomes are our brand of resin badges or bubble badges that are the industry standard in Australia for standard beer tap decals. We buy 2-pack OWM grade resin from Italy and are confident it’s the best available in Australia.
It retains it’s clarity and won’t fade, crack or yellow over time with chemical cleaning. Please be cautious when using resin badge suppliers as there is a huge difference in quality and the life of your decals will be affected.

Foam Board

Foam board is a budget option that still allows you to create a strong presence on the rack. This style of beer tap label is softer and less durable than our resin flexidomes or acrylic and ACM tap badges, however price point is something you need to consider then these will allow you to get your branding in one place and still looking good.
Best suited for venues where the decals are not expected to be on the rack for a long period of time – such as seasonal brews and special offers. Standard die cut sizes for these are 80mm x 120mm and 90mm x 140mm.


Acrylic is a hard plastic that comes in a variety of thickness. Its feature is that we can laser cut it into any shape and it has a beautiful flame edged finish to it. The print is “subsurface” so its under the acrylic making it a very durable option. We supply acrylic options for oversized beer tap decals or where clients want to custom cut their decal into interesting and unique shapes.
Another advantage  is a chalk pen or whiteboard marker can be used for special editions or where a tap is constantly changing the type of beer being poured.


Wooden tap decals offer a unique look and feel. A favorite amongst brewers that are looking for warmth around their brand. We can add multiple layers, laser etch for a burnt affect or pint using a number of processes to create something special. Any type of timber is available and its up to your imagination on size, depth and feel. It can be varnished or sanded with sharp edges or round.
Consideration needs to be given to cleaning and maintenance with these.

Aluminium Composite

Aluminium composite or “ACM” is what you see on the front of many of the new buildings or commercial renovations. It is two think pieces of aluminium with plastic in between that make a very ridged and durable beer tap decal. Rather than the subsurface print of resin and acrylic, ACM is printed on the surface so the look and feel is quite different – a little more rustic.

Aluminium/Stainless Steel

Aluminium, stainless steel and other metals can be used to create a striking tap decal. We have options to laser etch details, screen print and digitally print details for you.  Shapes can be laser cut so the options really are endless with what you’d like to achieve.
Definitely a great way to stand out on the rack!

Specialty finishes/Raised Ink

Specialty finishes are unique designs that combine a number of processes. We can incorporate reflective, selective resin doming, custom laser cutting and a variety of print processes.
If you are your design team come up with something that you love but don’t think its possible, give us a call first because chances are we’ll know how to get it done– contact us for a quote!

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