How Dingo Brewing Co is raising the tap decal game

We’d been working with Spinner Brennan, Director at Dingo Brewing Co., for a while when he came to us with an idea that he wanted to play around with to make their Dingo Lager tap decals stand out more on the tap bank.

This is (roughly) how it went:

Spinner: “We need to up our foamboard decals game. Can you print on corrugated iron, like our signage?”

Super Knowledgable Sun Tap Decals Team: “Nah. But no probs. We got this”

Problem Solved: Presenting Dingo’s brand new beer tap decals printed on aluminium using our CastPrint technology to create the corrugated iron effect.

What are Castprint® 3D Decals?

International branding quality on an indie budget.

You can’t brew the world’s best beer in a week, but you can get pretty damn close to the world’s best tap branding with CastPrint®. From across the elegant wooden surface of the bar, your tap branding will look tactile, 3D and super punchy. Not to mention, beautiful. Raised type will raised eyebrows, raise glasses, and raise sales. And the best part is that you won’t have to sell any body parts to afford it, or plan 6 months out to create it.

 – Cast metal looks, in a fast and affordable package.
 – Newest innovation in the tap decal market.
 – Low order numbers.
 – Cost effective production.
 – One week turnarounds.
 – Treat your customers’ eyeballs as well as your treat their tastebuds.

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