Feral Brewing Company’s new design suite and matching beer tap decals.

Feral Brewing Company has always rocked a totally amazing design suite.

While the brand is looking a bit different these days, it manages to keep its wildly cool design while maintaining brand recognition.

“The team has done a lot of work recently on the core range… we’ve modernised the look and feel while simultaneously drawing on the strong heritage artwork.”

– Robert Brajkovich, General Manager at Feral Brewing Company (Source: LinkedIn)

Did you know that Feral Brewing Co. was the first beer tap decal we ever produced?

We were stoked when Feral Brewing Company asked to us to print their brilliant new range of tap decals. This was an extra special job for us, considering that Feral Brewing Co. was our very first tap decal client back in 2011.

We love looking back and admiring how far we’ve both come since then, from the magnificent new designs, to the cutting-edge tap decal technology, and let’s not forget the hero of this story, the beer.

How it began…

Feral Brewing Company were printing some standard beer tap decals with us, and then they decided that they wanted more. We screen printed these really schmick silver glossy badges that were miles better than anything else we were doing at the time. Feral were really happy to invest in the high quality branding, as they understood the important of quality branding on the tap run to create a point of difference.

Since then, our relationship has carried on in the same way, always keen to push the boundaries for the best result.

Sun Tap Decals have been fantastic to work with. Feral had worked with them a few years ago, and we reapproached them to help us out in a bind. We were so blown away with the quality and turnaround time that we’ve made them our preferred suppliers for our decals. The colours really pop, and they’re up for anything design wise, with nothing ever being too impossible or too hard to work out. Working with Tiff and the team has been really fun and it’s been great working with such professionals.

Working with Sun Decals has brought everything back full circle as they printed our original branding, and we’ve come back to them when we’ve just refreshed our brand and core imagery.

– Jack Davidson, Marketing Hero @ Feral Brewing Co.

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