Going green for good


We know that sustainability is important to our brewers. It’s important to us too.

Reconsider the future logoThat’s why we’re expanding our product range to include more environmentally friendly materials for your tap decals.

If you’ve used our 3mm foam board in the past, you’ll be happy to know that this has always been made of recycled materials.

Regrind: 99%
Reduce: No toxic substances are released
Recycle: Up to 70% recycled material


We’ve recently added GreenTick Acrylic™ to our sustainability offering.

GreenTick Acrylic LogoGreenTick Acrylic™ delivers the features you know and love about acrylic, in a much more environmentally friendly package.

GreenTick Acrylic™ is produced using a unique process, utilising discarded acrylic offcuts and scraps – instead of being possible landfill.

Using acrylic as a base means that you won’t need any expensive knife dies as the material can be laser cut to any custom shape.

You also have the option of adding special features to elevate your design including:

– Raised ink
– CastPrintTM 3D
– Gloss UV
– Metallic finishes

GreenTick Acrylic Diagram


Get in touch with our expert team to talk about what other sustainability options we can provide.


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