Introducing 3D “CastPrint” tap decals.

An exciting addition to your
on-premise branding solutions.

Bars are busy. Customers make decisions quickly and having great branding at point of purchase is critical. CastPrint 3D badges give you a unique presence on the tap run so you can sell more beer.

What is it?
CastPrint uses multiple layers of ink to create a 3D image. You can use textures, raised boarders and other special design features on your tap designs to make them truly unique and stand out from the crowd. The limits are as wide as your imagination.

Benefits for you
CastPrint 3D badges are an excellent alternative for your premium tap badge range. Compared to Cast Metal badges, CastPrint badges have: – Lower tooling costs – More affordable unit prices – Quick turnaround times – More flexibility to make changes

Features available for your prints – Raised and textured inks – Clear gloss – Metallics – Custom shapes – Unique materials Produced locally using proprietary equipment we can transform your current decal designs or work with you on creating new concepts.

Check out some some examples here –

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