Materials Overview – Flexidome Resin Badges

What is it?
Flexidome resin doming places a clear resin over the top of an existing label. The resin sits 2-3mm above the label and cures over a 24 hour period producing a “domed” decal. Different methods can be used for this which vary quality considerably. Sun Tap Decals uses a fully automated machine to place the resin accurately every time. The resin is a two-pack OEM grade product which is mercury free. The best available in Australia. 

Why are they our biggest seller? 

They look great – the crystal clear resin adds the “bubble” over what is a standard sticker. It catches the light, reflects and shimmers to give your branding a pop along the bar run.

Incredibly durable – a bar is a harsh environment. By using an OEM grade resin the badges are resistant to solvents and cleaning agents. They resist scratches and marks and will last years longer than traditional stickers. Importantly, our resin will not harden and yellow over time unlike some others in the market that use a cheaper resin process. They maintain their clarity for years

They’re affordable – as with any manufacturing process quantity is key in getting unit prices down. At high quantities of say 200 units you will only pay $3.80 per badge. Even cheaper if you order more. While lower quantities like 50 badges will set you back $7.65 each, the badges last for years so your cost is covered almost instantly your beer goes on tap.

Different artwork can be printed together – to help our customers reach affordable quantities we encourage the printing of multiple brands with each order. So to get the 200 unit price you can combine an order of say 50 Lager + 20 Pils + 30 Summer Ale to get the price breaks. Smaller brewers can even combine with each other.

Key Information 

Standard Sizes:  There are 4 standard sizes we produce for the Australian tap market. We can supply a template for each of these sizes for your graphic artists to work with.

  • 73mm Round
  • 82mm Round
  • Slimline Oval
  • Streamline Oval

Custom Sizes:  These are achieved by producing the Flexidome resin badge and then laser cutting an acrylic piece to mount the Flexidome onto. A foam adaptor disc is supplied that allows you to mount the custom decal onto standard tap decal holder. We have dozens of examples of custom sizes. From over size rectangles, to shapes involving animals and also combinations where a Flexidome and chalk board are combined to allow for different beers to be poured from the one tap.

Material Options: 

Standard Vinyl:  We use a special 3M vinyl that has a very high adhesive and is specifically made for digital printing. It’s more expensive than other vinyls but it gives the best print quality and colours. The quality adhesive also ensures the decal doesn’t fall off over time due to moisture and heat variations found on a tap run.

Metallic Mylar:  For a super high quality finish we do a number of decals with reflective surfaces. The process for these can be either digitally printed or screen printed. While more expensive they look exceptional and provide a great point of difference along the bar run.

Magnetic Backing:  We can supply your Flexidomes with a magnetic backing and a steel mounting disc (most decal holders are plastic!). This feature works well where you have a tap that is circulating different seasonal beers and you need to change your branding. Because of the badges durability you can use these over and over again. We supply these into large sporting venues around Australia and they’re very popular.

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