Mercury Free Doming Resin – Market Benefits and Requirements

In October 2017 the EU’s new regulation no.848/2012 came into effect. It forbids the use of five organic mercury salts commonly used as catalysts in polyurethane resin doming systems in the UK. On the 1st January 2018 a new directive (852/2017) was introduced that also includes Europe.

This mercury restriction affects any Australian businesses who export products to the UK and Europe.

Sun Tap Decals uses 100% MERCURY FREE doming resin.

In addition to the legislative benefits of Mercury Free Doming Resin there are a number of technical benefits. Chemical resistance is increased particularly with isopropyl alcohol and unleaded fuels.

Good things about Dome Resin Beer Badges.

  • Mercury Free
  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • State of the art resin
  • Custom shaped however you’d like
  • Fully flexible
  • No yellowing or fading
  • Durable memory feature
  • Metallic, vinyl, high-adhesion options
  • Short-run rapid prototyping


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